December nail roundup: Inglot, Masglo, Wet ‘n Wild, IDC Color, Essence

December Nail Roundup

When I began this blog, I decided to leave out nail product reviews because, even though it’s rare for me to meet a polish I don’t like, it isn’t really something I find much material to draw from for a proper post, beyond the weekly #mani or #pedi IGram.

Yet, after examining my IG stats, I have now changed my mind… apparently, viewers like nail posts (who’d have thought?), so in light of this, I think it’s a good idea to add a few more notes for other fellow nailaddicts; so without further ado, here’s the December nail roundup, something I’m considering featuring regularly in the blog in the coming year.

Con todo y lo que me gustan las fiestas, es pensar en atacar el desorden en mi casa, y ponerla a punto para la entrada de año y me entra el horror… no sé ni por dónde comenzar. Así que en vez de ponerme desde ya a trabajar (puj), lo que he hecho de momento es ponerme este #verde setentero de #Inglot, no. 954, que grita ¡marcha, marcha! 💅 Much as I like the holidays, just the thought of having to clean this messy house, and get it bright and sparkling for the coming year fills me with dread… I don’t even know where to begin. So instead of just attacking it now (blergh), I decided to do my nails with this 70ish #green from #InglotCosmetics, no. 954. Motivation, where art thou? 💅 #nailvarnish #nailpolish #beautyaddict #coloraddict #bblogger #beautyblogger #nailenamel #nailstagram #vernisàongles #Nagellack #unghie #unhas #esmaltedeuñas #pintauñas #potiadicta

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I tried and tried, and there just was no capturing the real color of this Inglot Nail Enamel 954 with my phone’s camera, so below you can see that it is actually a lot more vivid and zingy than how it appears in the IG post above. In any case, even though I love the color, the coverage is pretty underwhelming: I applied three coats, and it still didn’t turn out perfectly opaque as I wanted.

Inglot nail enamel

Inglot nº 954, tras cinco días de aplicada la manicura: algún desconchadillo, pero ha aguantado razonablemente bien.

ES: No sé qué bicho me ha picado, que yo normalmente soy la antítesis del tipo de persona “rosita pastel casi blanco + #purpurina rosa Barbie”, pero el caso es que me ha dado por estos dos #pintauñas: “Tierna” de Masglo y #brillibrilli “Sparked” de Wet ‘n Wild. 💅 EN: I don’t know what’s gotten into me, since I’m usually the opposite of the sort to wear pale-pale tea-rose petal #pink + Barbie-pink #glitter, but in any case, this is my mani look for this week: #Masglo’s “Tierna” & #WetnWildCosmetics “Sparked” 💅 #mani #nailpolish #pinkglitter #nailvarnish #nailsoftheday #bblogger #coloraddict #nailenamel #beautyblogger #beautyaddict #nailstagram #vernisàongles #Nagellackliebe #unghiemania #unhasdasemana #instauñas #esmaltedeuñas #potiadicta

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My first impression of Colombian nail brand Masglo, which is quite popular with many nail aficionadas, has been kind of underwhelming, though that’s more the fault of this specific polish, rather than the brand itself; I still really want to try some of the other polishes.

In the image I’m wearing the color “Tierna“… which is just that, a tender, sentimental nail color with no lifeforce to it; if your thing is demure, discreetly painted nails, this could be your polish – this to me can be nice for french manis and not much else. It’s a very washed-up pale pink, almost white, that barely covers even after applying three layers, so I decided to inject some life into it with the one shown next.

I liked Wet ‘n Wild’s WildShine “Sparked” a lot more, even though I’m not much of a pink person, and even less a pink glitter person; same as with all glittery polishes, this looks adorable while it’s on, but it’s a pain to remove, particularly if you’ve slapped on another coat mid-week to make the mani last a little longer.

Masglo & Wet 'n Wild nail polish

Sparkly mani, a week after.

On the whole, these polishes lasted me almost a full week with no more than a little fading at the tips, which is to be expected.

Oigo en mi cabeza la voz de Miranda Priestly diciendo: “¿Rojo y #dorado? ¿Para la cena de #Nochebuena? Que original.” Pero bueno, el caso es que me he puesto este #rojo “Red Passion 1”, que me vino en un set de #IDCcolor + topcoat resquebrajado de #EssenceCosmetics “35 – crack is back!”. 💅 I can just hear #MirandaPriestly in my head, saying: “Red and gold? For #ChristmasEve dinner? Groundbreaking.” But anyway: IDC Color “Red Passion 1” + #EssenceNailPolish Cracked Metal “35 – crack is back!”, or also: when bad #nailpolish names happen to good polishes. 💅 #manicure #red #gold #green #karmakarmakarmachameleon #nailsoftheday #crackedpolish #coloraddict #bblogger #beautyaddict #nailstagram #vernisàongles #Nagellack #unghie #unhas #instauñas #esmaltedeuñas #pintauñas #potiadicta #NavidadNavidad

Una publicación compartida de Nessie • beauty blogger (@kohleyednessie) el

IDC Color’s “Red Passion 1”, an inexpensive Spanish brand, was quite the pleasant surprise: it covers quite well with only one coat, and two coats make it look super rich and shiny, almost like done at a salon. This little polish just blows out of the water a number of other brands that cost a lot more and get all the fame (ahem-hem, Essie).

Very important: apply base coat before painting, because like so many reds, this one can stain the nails; I used KIKO Milano’s BB Base Coat, which is what I always use in all manicures anyway.

KIKO Cosmetics BB Base Coat

KIKO Cosmetics BB Base Coat

I looove cracked nail polishes, and this Cracked Metal 35 “crack is back” from Essence Cosmetics is 😍 (bad, bad name notwithstanding).

Note: don’t make the same mistake I did the first time round, and don’t apply this before applying protective topcoat (and letting it dry well)… the first time, I turned my beautiful passion-red nails into sludge, and had to redo.

IDC Color & Essence nail polish

Christmas Eve mani, 6 or 7 days after.

Last, the top coat I’m currently using in all manicures: Essence’s The Gel Nail Polish Top-Coat. It’s quite nice, it dries very fast and it is acceptably long-wearing. Nevertheless, my all-time favorite is still KIKO’s Perfect Gel Top Coat, the best and shiniest of all I’ve tried so far.

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Top Coat

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Top Coat

I wish all my fellow nail fans a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a very happy 2018!

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Ese rosa nude de Masglo me parece precioso. Un beso y feliz año