Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner & Soft Sensation Lipstick

Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner & Soft Sensation Lipstick

Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner & Soft Sensation Lipstick

On the whole, Astor isn’t really a brand I tend to pay much attention to, so it’s quite unlikely I’d ever have tried the items in today’s reviews if it wasn’t for mother Nessie, the makeup enabler, who some months ago picked up this lipstick and liner set for me, the Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner and Soft Sensation Lipstick.

Astor Soft Sensation Color & Care Lipstick

Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick

Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick

As I was saying, if my mother hadn’t given me this, I’d probably have passed this one by: to begin with, I don’t often buy lipsticks  (lipbalms yes, those I use religiously), I can’t recall the last time I bought something of this brand, and it’s also a color that, on a tester display, would have never caught my eye.

For all of that, Mother Nessie hit the nail in the head, as is usual for her: I’ve ended up using this one more often than I’d first expected. For me it works somewhat like a color balm: it’s creamy, comfortable to wear, and lasts for a decent time, politely fading away after a while without bleeding or becoming patchy.

Besides, the color 700 “nude desire” made to go to the office, or somewhere that warrants lipstick, but not any real effort. In Astor’s website this color looks more a bit more intense, but it’s actually a cool pink, not terribly pigmented, and a rather retroish metallic/pearly hint: racy name notwithstanding, this can best be described as a stereotypical old-fashioned pink, the kind somebody’s dear white-haired nana would have worn while doing a little crocheting, or baking cookies for the grandkids.


My rating for the Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick: 4 points. I like using it, and after trying this, I’d keep it in mind to try it in another color.

Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner

Just like with the first item, this isn’t something I’d have picked for myself: for one thing, I’m that weirdo that prefers regular wood liners to twist-up ones.

Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner

Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner

Astor Eyeliner Brown

Astor Automatic Eyeliner 002 brown… it’s okay, I guess, just don’t expect much from it. INCI in brand’s website, or analysis in CosDNA.

Anyway, this particular one, brown 002, has a harder consistency: I don’t see it breaking off easily while using it, but it also doesn’t offer much in the way of pigmentation or staying power; it fades away in a few hours, and it takes some work to draw a deep, strong line the way I prefer; I also prefer liners with a creamier texture than this.

Other than that, I can’t find any truly serious cons about it, other than that it’s just not what I look for in a liner: I like my liners nice and pigmented, but if you’re one for a subtle touch of color, I think it’d be difficult to go wrong with this one.

My rating for the Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner: 3.5 points. It does the job for me, and not much else, so it’s not a product I’d choose again.

And last…

Spring is in, they say, or so goes the theory, but not so the temperature.

It is COLD! AND I HATE THE COLD! It shouldn’t BE this COLD in March where I live! Right now I can only think of wintry things like hot drinks, calories and carbs… so to end today’s post, here’s a recipe for bite-sized coffee & choco cookies: they’re easy to whip up, they’re cute, and a nice thing to bring to springtime barbecues, once the cold gets the memo and departs, and the wind stops howling through every crevice in my house.

Choco-coffee bites

(Click here for the recipe on PDF)


125 gr softened butter
50 gr confectioner’s sugar
125 gr all purpose flour
1 tablespoon instant soluble coffee
1teaspoon vanilla essence
45 gr melting chocolate


Dissolve the instant coffee in a glass with two tablespoons of hot water, and leave to cool. Line two cookie pans with baking paper.

Add the sugar to the soft butter, and cream the mix until it becomes smooth and light in color. Add the vanilla essence, and the instant coffee, once it has cooled down.

Once all the ingredients are perfectly integrated into the mixture, sift the flour into the bowl, then fold it in with the spatula, or keep mixing with the electric mixer, until all the flour has been incorporated into the dough. Preheat the oven to 180º C / 356º F.

Spoon the dough into an icing bag fitted with a star tip, and dot the mixture on the baking sheet prepared previously, keeping the shapes small. When the cookie sheets are full, bake from 15 to 18 minutos, depending on the oven’s potency, until the cookies become toasty golden.

Take out from the oven and let cool on a rack. Once the cookie bites have cooled, melt the chocolate on a double boiler, and coat the backs of the cookie bites to make a double cookie.

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I have actually tried a lot from Astor, they have an amazing range of lipstick crayons that I swear by, they replaced my love for the Clinique Chubby Sticks as they are much more affordable. Other than the lip range though I haven’t tried much.

Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca


¡Qué delicia esos bocaditos! <3 el tono del labial es muy ponible, pero el lápiz no sería para mi si es tirando a duro.