NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner

W7 “Delicious” palette, Black Lash mascara & NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner

NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady in possesion of a great hoard of powders and paints, must be in want of collecting more… these I’m posting today have been with me for a few months, and it was time to trot them out in this blog.

W7 “Delicious” Eyeshadow Palette

This must probably be review #21816984 of this palette, but I just had to know what all the noise in the MU social media was about; in my case, I chose this palette “Delicious” from Brit brand W7, the low-priced, aspirational dupe of the coveted, pricey palette Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Are they in any way comparable? No idea, I don’t own the ABV palette, and don’t plan to get one in the foreseeable future, mainly because I must place some kind of limit to my deep and abiding fondness for collecting eye shadows; if one of my readers happens to have it, they’re free to make me jealous in the comments.

Anyway, this one was six euros or so, and it’s so pretty, how could I resist? Is it worth getting? I think so, if you’re one for warm colors and basic shades with a few daring hues here and there for fun and a bit of variety, even if there are a couple of shadows that are indistinguishable from one another.

W7 “Delicious” Eyeshadow Palette
W7 “Delicious” Eyeshadow Palette… spot the sameness…

Besides, the double-sided brush that came with it is ❤… I’m hardly a snob, but didn’t expect that I’d actually like a brush that came with an inexpensive eye palette this much; this is a pretty good brush, with soft, dense hair, and lovely to apply makeup with. So far, I haven’t seen it lose a single hair during washing, either.

W7 Delicious
Talc, Mica, Magnesium Stearate, Dimethicone, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Microcrystalline, Phenoxyethanol, CI 77499, CI 77492, CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77742, CI 77007. See analysis in CosDNA.

My only nit to pick with this palette thus far is that the shadows are rather dusty… pigmentation is pretty good on skin that’s moisturized or wearing foundation. On bare skin, like in the photos, pigment doesn’t show as much (and my modest photography skills don’t help either).

This isn’t a significant issue for me and my rather oily lids, and even less when you take into account the price point, but keep in mind that it does fall and flake off a bit. Not that it stops me from using these eyeshadows quite often.

Would I buy this again? If I didn’t have enough eyeshadow to paint myself all over for weeks like in the tweet below, I would. Collector’s issues aside, I think it’s quite a good option for anyone who isn’t even that into makeup, but would like to have something like this at hand for some event without shelling out much money; it’s hard to go wrong with this palette, and I think it deserves 4 points.

Black Lash mascara
Black Lash mascara


Black Lash Mascara from Auchan

I very rarely shop in Auchan (well, Alcampo over here), but my mother does sometimes, so every once in a while she gets me a little something from their cosmetics’ section.

Some months ago it was this mascara, and what a find it was: I’ve no idea what it cost, but I doubt it was over 5€, and it gives mascaras that cost twice and thrice that a run for their money.

To put it in perspective, I have these puny little eyelashes that, whatever I do, there just isn’t much to do to make them look full and lush. This cheap supermarket mascara, however, did a pretty good job of making them look somewhat like that, lengthening my lashes and boosting them without gumming or clumping, or flaking off during the day. The brush is also pretty great, not being one of those fancy-twisty arty ones that look like they should be doing more than they actually do… this one is just perfect to comb and separate the lashes well.

See analysis in CosDNA.

Would I buy this again? Yes, and I’m normally not one to repeat mascaras, but I just couldn’t find a defect in this one while I used it, so it gets the full 5 points.

NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner
NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner
NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner

Some months ago NYX opened a shop filled with danger, temptation and sin, not too far from my usual path… and being that sin is always in for me, in one of my visits I bought the NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner.

The thing is that this product evokes some love-hate feelings for me… I’m normally not a fan of this type of liner, because I prefer pencil liners, but this is actually a basic I use fairly often.

What I like best about this eyeliner is that, besides being pure black-black, just how I like it (none of these spineless grey-tinged black liners for me), the consistency of the mousse is perfect to obtain the results I want, not too firm and not to smushy.

The problems come later, as hours go by… in the best-case scenario, it will fade away into a puny shadow of its former self. And in the worst-case scenario, it will transfer to my lower lash line and undereye, where I never applied it or meant it to go, so I end up with Billie Joe Armstrong eyes.

Much as my inner nineties-teen self loves Billie and Green Day, this just isn’t my look of choice. As I said, I still use this eyeliner often: a little powder eyeshadow can keep the worst at bay, but I wouldn’t choose it for something fairly significant like a party or dinner (even less during the warmer months), because I just can’t trust it to behave.

Ver análisis en CosDNA.

It’s a shame, because it seemed just like one of those products I’d most enjoy using, but all things considered, I give it 3.5 points.

1 point: No! Never again, not even if you gave it to me, or even paid me to wear it.

2 points: I didn’t finish the container and it’s very unlikely I’d buy this again. It might work for you, but it does nothing for me.

3 points: Meh. I’ll use up my jar/tube, but I don’t think I’d buy again. It might work for you, but it doesn’t do much for me.

4 points: I like it. It’s nice and does its job. I might buy this again, if I find nothing I like better.

5 points: I love it! It does its job very well, I find it a pleasure to use, and it’s earned its place in my beauty routine.

Surfacing periodically to chat about cosmetics.

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2 years ago

La verdad que la paleta por ese precio… no se le puede pedir mucho más. Sobre el delineador, no es para mi, busco larga duración.
¡Un besote!

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