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Today’s Hatin’: Death by Perfume

Still Panicking about swine flu!
It’s been a long, long time since I used these perfumes, so I no longer have the bottles for the pic… Flickr to the rescue: img by Yasser Alghofily, CC BY 2.0 (click to go to the source)

Even though I am as of now officially on holiday (yaaay!), now that I have more free time in my hands, apparently my brain has decided that thinking of things that annoy me was a good use of this time. So in a matter of moments I dashed off this hatey post, which got ahead of others in the queue.

I have to say that as far as perfumes and fragrances go, there are more of these that I like than not. Those that I did NOT like, however, have left a lasting impression in me. 

Right now there are three that come to mind: “Sunflowers” by Elizabeth Arden, Liz Claiborne’s “Vivid”, which I distinctly remember as suffocating, and Shakira’s Rock!, which cemented my undying disdain for celebrity perfumes.

🌻 Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden: the smothery beast

I recall watching a vlog not long ago, in which the author commented that, although she loved the fragrance and enjoyed using it from time to time, she felt it was a bit dated by now*. I agree (not w/ the enjoyment part, of course), and in fact, I’m going to say it felt dated already when I first used it in the mid-90s, when it was in vogue.

*Still, if you’re a perfume-holic like me, you should check out Shana J’s reviews anyway, Sunflowery leanings notwithstanding. 

Why do I still feel so strongly about this fragrance, after all these years? Because, besides finding it overly synthetic (and this isn’t something that bothers me as a rule) I find it excessive and suffocating in extreme.

Worse, it does not improve with wearing, as do other scents that at first didn’t draw me in: Sunflowers, which already smells pretty potent in the bottle, on contact with my skin becomes a huge olfactive monster, which threatens to devour me and everyone that comes close.

You know those girls and women who marinate themselves in cheap perfume, till they become a public health hazard by toxic inhalation? This is exactly what this fragrance does to me, with only one or two spritzes.
Curiously enough, later when sniffing round perfume shops, and finding EA Sunflowers and its flankers, I’ve smelled it again in a couple occasions, trying to determine if it was really as terrible as I remember it (it is), but I actually rather like some of the flankers.

Not enough to use them myself, mind you, because I just can’t get over the trauma inflicted by their big sister in my teenage years, but they are something I’d choose for a gift; in fact, I gave Summer Bloom (in the pink and yellow packaging) to a friend recently, and she loved it: says it’s quite light and perfect for summer, and has gotten many compliments while wearing it. I’ve got my eye on Sunflowers Morning Gardens for my mother, so if I do, will tell you how it goes.

👧🏻 Vivid by Liz Claiborne: little kid playing dress-up

I don’t really remember how I got this fragrance, but I’m almost sure that I nabbed it from my mother’s collection, when I was very young (more or less around the same time when I used Sunflowers… back when when we lived full lives without internet, and risked being eaten by a T-Rex whenever you stepped out of your cave, if memory serves… ). If it was so, the deed did not go unpunished.

via GIPHY Ah, growing up in the nineties…
I also don’t really remember why I stubbornly kept using this perfume till it ran out, because it didn’t suit me at all… I suppose I didn’t have another, and I wanted to use perfume and things that were the privilege of older, glamorous girls.

What I do remember clear as day is that, just like the one above, this was a smother monster: I remember it as a big, very intense floral, warm and with a bit of spice, that became unbearable when the temperature rose even a bit.

Still, unlike with Sunflowers, Vivid was considerably more elegant and complex, and in other circumstances, it would probably have been much more attractive. It was no doubt a sophisticated, grown woman’s perfume, not the thing for a girl who stole her mother’s cosmetics.

😒 Rock! by Shakira: Meh-Barak

Much as I love perfumes, I’m a committed celebrity perfume hater. I don’t think I’d ever tried a fragrance in this group that I’d actually buy for myself.

This one, of course, I didn’t choose myself, but got it as a gift years ago. The thing is, I have this no-buy rule about many things, such as perfume, until I’ve used up all I have, and this is a habit I stick to most of the time. So I abided by my rule, though the temptation to break it was strong in this occasion.

This is a very boring, mild and flat fragrance, with no soul or anything that sets it apart from the pack of other mass market fragrances; supposedly, citruses are prevalent in this juice, but in practice, I couldn’t find much in that regard in this EDT; if that had been the case, I’d probably have enjoyed it more.

Curiously enough, apparently my fam and friends didn’t have the same opinion about this fragrance, because I kept receiving compliments when using this scent I didn’t really like; in general, although sweeter scents aren’t my first choice, or even second, my nearest and dearest enjoy these scents on me, so when I wear them it’s always all “oh, you smell so nice!” (why don’t you just call me a widdle cupcake and be done with it? 🙄)

So, dear perfumed readers, tell me about that scent that you can’t stand… or that frag you don’t like, but others love, and/or when you wore it the compliments kept coming… or that scent that you do like, but doesn’t like you and lets you know it when you apply… 😰 Join the hatin’ in the comments!

Surfacing periodically to chat about cosmetics.

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1 year ago

Me tienes llorando en un rincón >_< a mi me encanta sunflowers, he utilizado varios envases y se que volveré a hacerlo.
Pero también es cierto que el tema de las fragancias es demasiado personal.
¡Ah! yo suelo pulverizar sobre la ropa, rara vez sobre la piel.

¡Un besote!

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