Autumn Scents: Abel Cobalt Amber & Versace Blue Jeans

Abel Cobalt Amber EDP & Blue Jeans by Versace EDT
Abel Cobalt Amber EDP 15 ml & Blue Jeans Versace EDT 75 ml

After a much needed blogging hiatus, here I am again… will it last? Dunno, depends on my beauty muse, that one moment is prodding me to write drafts, then the next goes “you know, you haven’t cleaned this filthy place in ages” (doesn’t it happen to you that the only times you feel like cleaning your house, your closet, your makeup brushes and whatnot is when you really should be doing something else?)

Anyway, the reason I popped back in is to talk about my recurring obsession for perfumes: I’ve been more fixated than usual on all things scented, so today I’m here with a few notes on two that had me hooked, Versace Blue Jeans and Abel Cobalt Amber.

Versace Blue Jeans eau de toilette
Versace Blue Jeans eau de toilette.
Versace Blue Jeans 

Blue Jeans is one of those time-machine perfumes for me: one sniff, and I’m reminded of a boy in school I liked, who smelled like this (when I was a teen, about half of the boys who used cologne wore this, and the other half or so wore Armani’s Acqua di Gio, or at least that’s what I recall. There was also the odd bad boy that din’ follow no rules, and wore Gaultier’s Le Male… oh well, still a better love story than ASS, oh sorry, AXE).

The thing is, I forgot the name of my heartfelt love from way back when, but smelling this cologne still brings to my mind pleasant memories and carefree times, and puts me in a good mood. Besides, to me this doesn’t seem an aggressively masculine fragrance, even for my usual preference of typically feminine florals.

Versace Blue Jeans is a somewhat sweet scent, but not so much that it’s cloying, even in the height of summer, probably because of the strong citrus and lavender elements; also, since the sweetness is mainly from the vanilla / tonka notes (not too sure which) in the fragrance, it doesn’t feel too dessert-like. To me this is very wearable in the midst of summer, as well as in the beginning of autumn.

My only bone to pick with this easy-going, lovely fragrance is its longevity: it barely stays for longer than 2 hours on my skin. In truth, in a summery freshie this doesn’t bother me much, and in a 20 € frag, it’s kind of to be expected.

On the whole, though I like Blue Jeans, both for the scent itself and for the nostalgia factor, I don’t think I’ll go back for seconds once my bottle is finished, mainly because I’m not one to have a “signature scent” for very long, and it’s rare for me to repurchase perfume.

Versace Blue Jeans INCI
Abel “Cobalt Amber” eau de parfum

I almost left Abel Cobalt Amber in the shop where I found it in Amsterdam, a year ago… in fact, after trying several (except the one I was looking for, Red Santal from the same house), I walked out with something else, and went to get something to eat before going sightseeing.

Nothing to do with the subject at hand, of course, but I ❤️ Amsterdam.

During that time, I noticed that this perfume that hadn’t grabbed my interest freshly squeezed from the bottle, had transformed into a subtle, beautiful amber on my skin (imagine me in the coffee shop sniffing my arm, while in on a table not too far from mine, someone probably wondered what on earth was I doing… ). Anyway, I paid for my coffee and pannenkoeken, and ran back to snap up Cobalt Amber.

I still think that this perfume is nothing to write home about at first spray, and trying it on a paper strip does it no justice. Abel Cobalt Amber needs a few minutes of body warmth for its best qualities to begin surfacing.

It is not a linear fragrance: it opens with very strong pink pepper, which I love, and on my skin it evolves to amber and tonka bean. It is also perfectly unisex: I think that even a more conservative nose, used to the dichotomy “perfumes for her / for him”, would find this wearable in most cases. To me this scent on the whole feels lively and comforting at the same time, just right for autumn, or even spring/summer evenings.

Abel Cobalt Amber eau de parfum
Abel Cobalt Amber eau de parfum

On application it doesn’t feel very projecting, but the people sitting and standing next to me can feel it, though don’t expect a fragbomb; Abel Cobalt Amber isn’t like so many ambers that wrap the wearer in a cloud of fragrance. If your thing is a subtler, more discreet scent, the kind that others have to stick closer to sniff your wrist, neck or whatever, this is it.

As for longevity, it loses much of its intensity after a few hours. If I spritz in the early morning, I barely feel it at lunchtime, but oddly enough, after that time the last traces cling on and won’t let go; at the end of the day, or even the following day if I applied it the evening before, I still can smell traces of the scent.

Last, if you’re wondering where on earth to try this, Abel is a niche perfume house (don’t be scared: though prices are indeed above the typical designer choices out there, it’s not one of those insanely expensive perfume houses… not all niche perfumers are), so if you’re curious, you could:

a) put this in your to-do list if you plan to be in Amsterdam sometime soon, where this brand is based; 

b) order a sample kit from Abel’s website, which is what I first thought of doing before planning my trip; 

or c) if you’re lucky enough to live in a larger city or visit one, see if you can find a perfume shop or boutique that carries indie and niche brands, where you can give Abel Cobalt Amber a sniff (ah, unthinkable where I live).

Abel Cobalt Amber INCI

And how about you fabulously scented people? What is your scent du jour? Leave me a comment or recommendation!