The Kelpie, by Herbert James Draper

About me

Welcome to Nessie’s Beauty Blog!

Pseudonym: Nessie

Age: nearing 40.

Skin type: moderately oily – combination, depending on the season.

Although my skin cannot see bacteria or comedogenic anything without going into breakout hysterics, for the most part it isn’t fussy and accepts most everything without complaint. For this reason, even if I give positive reviews to a product, I recommend always, always doing patch tests to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Skin tone: Sephora Perfection N20. I think. It’s been years since I used liquid foundation. (ETA Dec. ’17: currently using Kat von D Lock It Light 45 Warm).

The Kelpie, by Herbert James Draper
Not me, but close enough. I went blond at the insistence of the painter.

Occupation: shape-shifting water spirit.

Interests: for as long as I remember, I’ve been attracted to skincare, makeup, and all things beauty, ever since I took my first mud baths on the shores of my home loch. I love dinosaurs. I also enjoy a laugh now and then at the expense of pseudo-scientists and their groupies. I’m a mythical being with varied interests.

Place of residence: I left my birthplace in Scotland* to settle in warm, sunny Spain**. Just because I’m a kelpie doesn’t mean I like the cold, so I decided to live in a place of almost endless summers and mild winters.



Credentials: none whatsoever. I have no experience in the cosmetic industry, and I have zero formal training as a beautician, dermatologist, pharmacist, cosmetic chemist, or any discipline dealing with the creation of beauty and skincare products, or their correct application.

This is merely a hobby blog, and as such, it contains

  • my personal thoughts about products, methods and lifestyle
  • information that I find relevant as a consumer of skincare and makeup
  • my reasons to choose some options in the market over others (which may or may not be the best for my purposes; I’ve made my share of mistakes, and probably I’ll make more, despite my best intentions)
  • random ramblings about the pleasure of beauty and taking care of oneself, looking good and feeling good. I do have an audience whenever I decide to surface.

If you happened to land here looking for cosmetics chitchat and entertainment, welcome to my home! Come freely, go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring. (I’ve always wanted to greet someone this way. No need to worry).

However, if you came looking for insights to address any serious concerns, I urge you to seek advice from an actual, qualified professional, which, as I said, it’s not something you’ll find here. I’m just a fictional being who enjoys playing with cosmetics.









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