• Face cosmetics expiration
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    Go clean your makeup brushes NOW!

    Dear readers: this is a PSA reminding you to clean your makeup brushes, your vanity table and your war paints. And when I say go clean your makeup stuff, I mean do it TODAY. This is an order. While you’re at it, clean up and disinfect everything else too, not just brushes and makeup: your sponges, your makeup bag, tweezers, scissors and pencil sharpener, and your jars. Check your makeup’s due date, and throw out that mascara from the summer of 2016. At least I hope it is from ‘16. Yuck. Get rid of all the old, dingy and useless stuff bogging you down, and get ready to receive shiny…

  • Abbye "Pudgy" Stockton
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    Fitness Friday: The Lift Like Lidia edition

    A girlpower moment I was a bit overwhelmed this summer, and I paid even less attention than usual to the Games. I didn’t even watch the opening ceremony, and I usually do, though that’s typically about the extent of my interest in any of these things. Likewise, I never paid much attention to weightlifting, until Lidia Valentín nabbed bronze in Rio and awakened my inner fangirl. As a result, I found this video and I now have more new idols: these ten-year-old girls who lift weights that still make me tremble. I now feel like I ought to retire from the world, shamed by my puniness and lack of drive.…