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    11 Blogger Questions, & An Unexpected Rec: Liebster Awards

    Alicia from the blog Momentos de Evasión gave me a bit of a shock listing me among her nominees for the Liebster Awards. Eeeee! Okay, so there’s no gold-covered statuette involved or anything of the sort… it is merely a tag to acknowledge blogs you read and enjoy, and introduce them to other readers that might not yet have found them, a concept I love (though come to think of it, I can barely keep up with the ones I have bookmarked… ) But anyway, I’m happy to be listed, so I’ll gladly accept my nomination and participate in the tag (I’d like to thank the Academy, and such and…

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    Booktag: Seven Book Sins

    Via [rom] at Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate… Because it’s Saturday, and because we don’t live for paints, powders and potions alone (that’d be nice, though), but for words that inspire too… at least I do. I first saw the booktag “Seven Book Sins” in Alicia’s blog Momentos de Evasión, and I loved it, being that I love everything to do with books, with sin, or with both. So I’m playing too: in case you aren’t familiar with the concept of this tag is about, the idea is to connect a read with each of the seven deadly sins. 👿 Wrath Books that were disappointing, or…

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    Friday Musings: The New and The Old in the World of Beauty

    Mine beauties: today I’m posting no reviews, but thoughts that have been buzzing round my head, regarding things new and old in the world of beauty, and somehow I just had write about it all… reviews to be resumed next week. The hype of the week that set me thinking Well, that was unexpected… at first, there was nothing that interested me about THE celebrity makeup launch of the week, and possibly of the summer/fall… all the bombast surrounding Fenty Beauty by Rihanna kinda made me want to avoid it, which is how I tend to feel about most things whose letter of presentation is over-the-top media attention; however, contrary…

  • Benecos lipliner
    Makeup,  Musings

    Benecos lipliner and gloss, plus some Friday Musings

    A brief review I haven’t yet tried a lip product from this brand that I don’t like, and these Benecos lipliner and gloss were no exception. I kinda surprised myself with the lipliner purchase, because I haven’t even used lipliner since I was a budding beauty-addict in my teens… one of the chintziest, most repellent fashions that marked that era was dark liner paired with lighter lipstick*, and I suppose this traumatized me away from this beauty item. Anyway, the red pencil caught my eye ever since I got the lipstick in that color, and I’ve actually ended up using it more often than the pink one, strange as it…

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Sofia d'Souza

    Fluff Friday: the B’wood edition

    I’m not a big Bollywood watcher, but I watched Guzaarish again, which I like to do when I’m ready for winter to end, or when it’s rainy. I love this film. I also want to visit Goa so bad. A look If I had to pinpoint a visual element in this movie I especially loved (and there is a lot to choose from… it’s such a pleasure to watch from an aesthetic standpoint) I’d say Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s styling as Sofia, the leading lady. I want two of everything she wears in this film, down to the hipster specs. Well, the clompy-stompy shoes maybe not so much. Besides, I think…

  • Narciso eau de parfum

    Friday Musings: on fragrance and fluffy red hair

    A product I have to admit, I’m not the best person to write about perfumes: that is an art requiring skills and talents that go way beyond what’s needed to evaluate typical cosmetics… there’s so much I don’t understand about olfactory notes, sillage and other subtleties, much as I’d like to. Even so, I still feel the need to post a mini-review of my beloved Narciso by Narciso Rodríguez, which I’ve been using all winter. I actually began using it mid-spring, stopped for the summer (this would be death by perfume during warm weather), then tried to run back to it by October, but something with this much wood and…

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    2017 Beauty Wishlist

    First post of 2017! In my part of the world, the merrymaking season is not over yet… tomorrow morning the best-behaved of 2016 will open their presents from the Magi, and eat a slice of roscón with the familia. Anyway, my letter to the Magi is almost done… There’s only one last wish that I wanted to share with other beauty addicts, and maybe I’ll find a kindred spirit who can relate. A BB cream that does NOT have SPF. My kingdom for such an animal, for combo skin. This may sound strange, but I cannot seem to find such a cream, or at least one that I like enough…

  • Victoria's Secret Exotic Woods Mist

    Friday Musings: It’s wild out there

    There are days when I can keep to just one subject, but that day is not Friday… so here’s a nice-smelling mini-review, and a couple other things running around inside my head. A review A friend brought me from VS London this amazing body mist, Exotic Woods from Victoria’s Secret, which I’d never tried (I believe this is a limited edition, but I’m not sure… I didn’t see it in the website) and it’s a total delight. I love everything from the bottle design to the scent: as the name implies, it is woodsy, with a touch of leaves and spice; at first, it seems sort of masculine, but it’s…

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    Lazy Friday post: a cream, a listen, a look, a tune

    Today’s Friday! And I don’t feel like lifting a finger to publish a proper review or post or anything… still, I have things flitting round inside my head and I must get them out:   A product In memoriam of my beloved Enzymion from Lush, that reached its end some weeks ago. There was still some left in the jar, but since it looked a little strange, at first a bit like curdled cream with some liquid on top, then runny, then sort of congealed like in the photo, it made me suspicious. It didn’t smell off, and its due date is next year (I got it last year), but…