My guidelines.

Before choosing a new product, I often (though not always, because I sometimes shop by impulse) check the ingredient list and look up information about its manufacturers and sellers. My research of the products I choose is limited to information accessible to most consumers, such as company websites, the opinions and findings of industry experts and other fellow consumers I trust, and abstracts of medical and scientific publications, among other sources.

Just as I note in my About page, I don’t have any training or formal experience as a cosmetician or chemist, dermatologist or in any discipline involved in cosmetics or health fields, nor have access to specialized papers and reports about ingredients and technologies published for professionals via paid subscription.

For these reasons, I am not qualified to answer questions about concerns in these areas; in case of needing assistance for problems of this nature, my advice is to consult a professional with the appropriate qualifications. The contents of this blog are merely informative and reflect my personal opinions as a frequent user.

Hence, the use of any product reviewed, or any purchase decision made as a result of the contents of this blog is always at the reader’s own risk and responsibility, keeping in mind that my opinions deal exclusively with my own experience and circumstances.

My reviews and other contents in this blog.

I normally pay from my own pocket for the items shown and reviewed in this blog. Whenever this is not so, such as in the case of gifts or a free sample from a company, I will always indicate it in the post.

As a general rule, I will not review products that I haven’t used consistently for less than 4 weeks, except for those that cause adverse reactions. The exception to this are some products such as makeup, or single-use products.

The photographs shown in the images are not retouched, except for small color corrections; I aim for all images to be as faithful as possible to reality.

I’m always glad to share insights, info and visual material with fellow bloggers; however, if you would like to use or feature any of the content in this blog for your own projects, please link to the original source in my website, nessiesbeautyblog.com.

Whenever I use or quote material from other bloggers or content creators, I always link to the original source. If you are one of these, and would prefer for your content not to be used this way, please contact me to request its removal.

Press samples and collaborations with brands/sellers.

I’m open to accept press samples from cosmetic manufacturers or sellers; however, this will not influence my reviews in any way. I will always publish my honest thoughts about my personal experience with the product or brand.

For this reason, I don’t publish sponsored posts, nor intend to do so in the future. That is, I don’t accept products/services, or any other type of compensation, in exchange for writing about products, brands or firms in a way that requires editorial approval or creative input from a sponsor.

In the case that a brand or business contacts me about reviewing press samples, I prefer not to accept products that I’m certain will not be suitable for me (see my criteria posted here), or that do not fit in the general theme of this blog, because I think it would be a waste of resources with no real benefits for anyone: neither for the firms seeking to advertise their products/services, nor for my readers, nor for me.

When accepting press samples for reviews, I will request full ingredient lists, as well as any details I consider to be relevant for this blog. If you are a business and would like to inquire about this blog’s metrics, unique visitors, pageviews, etc. please contact me.