• Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner & Soft Sensation Lipstick

    Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner & Soft Sensation Lipstick

    On the whole, Astor isn’t really a brand I tend to pay much attention to, so it’s quite unlikely I’d ever have tried the items in today’s reviews if it wasn’t for mother Nessie, the makeup enabler, who some months ago picked up this lipstick and liner set for me, the Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner and Soft Sensation Lipstick. Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick As I was saying, if my mother hadn’t given me this, I’d probably have passed this one by: to begin with, I don’t often buy lipsticks  (lipbalms yes, those I use religiously), I can’t recall the last time I bought something of this brand, and it’s…

  • Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Eyeliners
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    Summer Blues: Diadermine makeup remover & Prestige Cosmetics eyeliners

      It’s officially summer as of today, and I say officially because where I live it’s been summer for weeks already… not that I’m complaining, I’m one of those strange creatures that are pretty much unaffected by deadly heat, in fact, I feel like starting a million things and projects… however, finishing what I start is another story. Anyway, on to the reviews! Diadermine eye makeup remover This is the makeup remover I typically have in my bathroom cabinet, and it’s been that way for centuries, mainly because I’ve nabbed it more than once in a 2-for-the-price-of-1 set (it usually costs about 2 or 3€ IIRC, and it’s easy to…

  • Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Eyeliner

    Review: Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity eyeliners

    I found these Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity eyeliners by chance, nosing about in a shop that carries somewhat unusual brands in my town… I could not resist, even though they were more expensive there than online; still, for the 8€ I paid for each, I found the quality to be as good as any from pricier, fancier brands, if not better. Since I didn’t have to pay for delivery to my doorstep, this works for me. Prestige Cosmetics doesn’t seem to be that well known or easily found in my area, though the brand has been making inroads among Spanish and European beauty aficionadas, and it can be found in…

  • Cosmia Makeup eyeliner

    Review: Cosmia Makeup eyeliner

    A brief digression: my sainted mother is largely to blame for me growing into such a vain woman. She made a beauty addict of me from a tender age, having been raised with the same inclination by her mother, who in turn got it from her own mother, or at least that’s what I gather based on I’ve heard. (I never met my great-gran. My loss, if the stories about her are true, and I’m sure they are.) So anyway, Mother Nessie likes to buy cosmetics, and when she does, she’ll often pick up a little something for me, because she’s an enabler. Last time, it was this eyeliner from…