• Nacomi black soap
    Bath and body care

    Resuming Reviewing: Nacomi Black Soap and Smooth Body Butter

    I like to take my time to evaluate how my paints and potions perform, and then write about the experience, and this time it can’t be said I didn’t give it a fair amount of time for judgement; if it hadn’t been because I hadn’t felt like posting for a while already, I’d have said I left my blogging muse stranded somewhere in an Asian airport… Yet, soon as I made myself put fingers to the keyboard, she popped back in, and with her this post of first impressions about Nacomi, a brand that caught my eye from the start: the packaging is cute (dumb, I know, but hey, I…

  • Ecobeauty micellar water & Dewytree sheetmask
    Facial skincare

    Keep Cool, Fool: Ecobeauty Micellar Water and Dewytree Hyaluronic Acid Sheetmask

    This summer, as usual, I’m not having the least trouble in attaining the world-famous goal of 8 glasses of water a day, everyday… I keep a steady supply within reach at all times; nevertheless, despite my enormous intake of water, I’m not seeing the fabulous changes on my skin that so many sybils of the beauty world promise… oh well, another beauty myth that just doesn’t work for me for whatever reason. Anyway, lately the topic of water and hydration is never too far from my thoughts, and of course, today’s reviews reflect that. Ecobeauty Micellar Water First, a silly factoid about me: I’ve never used micellar water before. I’ve…

  • Face cosmetics expiration
    Health and wellbeing

    Go clean your makeup brushes NOW!

    Dear readers: this is a PSA reminding you to clean your makeup brushes, your vanity table and your war paints. And when I say go clean your makeup stuff, I mean do it TODAY. This is an order. While you’re at it, clean up and disinfect everything else too, not just brushes and makeup: your sponges, your makeup bag, tweezers, scissors and pencil sharpener, and your jars. Check your makeup’s due date, and throw out that mascara from the summer of 2016. At least I hope it is from ‘16. Yuck. Get rid of all the old, dingy and useless stuff bogging you down, and get ready to receive shiny…