• Sephora monoï velvet cream
    Bath and body care

    Smells like getaway: Deliplus Exotic Shampoo and Sephora Monoï velvet cream

    I adore aromas with a touch of the exotic, which almost always put me in a good mood, and apparently they’re something my fam and friends tend to associate with me (silly as it is, this makes me happy). So, both of the products reviewed today were given to me by two friends of mine who know my weakness. Deliplus Exotic Shampoo In short, it’s just your regular inexpensive, supermarket-brand (Mercadona) shampoo for the most part; there’s SLES in the formula, but it is silicone- and paraben-free in case this is something you avoid – personally, I don’t go out of my way to avoid these things in products. In…

  • Rimmel London Wonder'Full Volume Colourist mascara

    Review: Rimmel London Wonder’Full Volume Colourist mascara

    Mother Nessie, the beauty enabler, strikes again: about two months ago, she nabbed this Rimmel London Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara for me. I don’t know if she was aware when she chose it (I doubt it, since my mother doesn’t read fashion mags or blogs, or pays much attention to ads; probably it was because this is one of her favorite brands, and the sleek packaging very likely did its part too), but the makers claim that this mascara darkens eyelashes gradually, with the help of pigments in the formula. Is this true? According to the brand’s claims, after two weeks of using this Mouthful Volume Colourist Mascara (don’t you…

  • Cosmia Makeup eyeliner

    Review: Cosmia Makeup eyeliner

    A brief digression: my sainted mother is largely to blame for me growing into such a vain woman. She made a beauty addict of me from a tender age, having been raised with the same inclination by her mother, who in turn got it from her own mother, or at least that’s what I gather based on I’ve heard. (I never met my great-gran. My loss, if the stories about her are true, and I’m sure they are.) So anyway, Mother Nessie likes to buy cosmetics, and when she does, she’ll often pick up a little something for me, because she’s an enabler. Last time, it was this eyeliner from…