• Secretale Ideal Brow Pencil and Technic Brow Gel

    Angel and demon: Bell Cosmetics Secretale Brow Pencil and Technic Brow Gel

    It’s been a while now since my brows have lost the density of youth, and until not long ago, my solution to keep from looking like the Mona Lisa was to fill them with a little eyeshadow or eyeliner. However, one day an acquaintance who is a MUA gently let me know my brows looked too black, and she was right; she also suggested I look for a product specific for brows, preferably in a brown tone. So I decided to try these two inexpensive ones. The angel: Bell Cosmetics Secretale Ideal Brow Pencil This pencil is available in three shades of brown, and mine is nº 3, a nice…

  • Beauty Friends II sheet masks
    Facial skincare

    Review: Beauty Friends II sheet masks

    Some weeks ago I had the genius idea of walking into a K-beauty shop in my town, and of course I wound up biting… I had to take home these Beauty Friends II sheet masks from Vanedo. My next purchase ought to be a pair of horse blinkers… I’m not even that into sheetmasks, in fact I‘ve actually been viewing masks from K-beauty brands with suspicion since the last scandal, so until recently I had a sort of moratorium on Korean sheetmasks. Or on sheetmask from anywhere, really, but my skin’s seasonal thirst and the inexpensive price of these masks got the better of me. I bought these for 2€……

  • Benecos Natural Mascara Maximum Volume

    Benecos Natural Mascara Maximum Volume

    All in all, I’ve liked the few things I’ve tried from this brand, except for this Benecos Natural Mascara Maximum Volume. This has been one of my latest disappointments, mainly because it stings my eyes, something I have NEVER experienced with any other mascara, or with any eyeliner or shadow at all. But first things first. Benecos is a German brand whose leitmotiv is environmentally-friendly ingredients, and a “natural” concept in cosmetics at affordable prices. It isn’t very well known in my area beyond the beauty blogosphere, or at least it seems that way to me; in any case, I haven’t seen it anywhere other than in the organic supermarket…

  • Review KIKO Sunshine DD cream

    Kiko Sunshine DD cream from the Wanderlust collection

    Ever since I discovered mineral foundation, I never went near the liquid kind again, nor missed it. However, this was some years ago, when my skin was younger and oilier. Now I’m finding mineral powders a bit more dulling sometimes: they no longer meld with my skin’s dwindling oil production as they did before, so it doesn’t look as nice and natural. So, in late May or thereabouts, I got it into my head to try a BB, or rather a DD, which this is. I normally consider my purchases for longer, especially in the case of facial cosmetics, because my skin is so fussy about this and that, but…