• L'Occitane Bouquet de Vanille body cream and lip balm
    Bath and body care

    ‘Nilla Notes: L鈥橭ccitane Bouquet de Vanille & Yves Rocher Nuit Vanille

    Today’s post is for fellow lovers of vanilla, while the fresher weather after April rains lingers in my area… in my case, vanille is among the few gourmand scents that I love almost in any way, shape or form, so today I bring vanilla-scented reviews from L鈥橭ccitane and Yves Rocher. L鈥橭ccitane Bouquet de Vanille Ultra Soft Cream and Lip Balm. I鈥檇 used L鈥橭ccitane鈥檚 lipbalms and shea butter body products before, and though they are pricey, I end up going back for more after a while… anyway, I like this lip balm鈥檚 consistency, halfway between balm and gloss; which is odd, because as a rule, I鈥檓 not much of a gloss…

  • Bior茅 UV Aqua Rich Essence & ISDIN SPF 40 lip sunscreen
    Facial skincare

    Bior茅 UV Aqua Rich Essence SPF 50 / PA++++ & ISDIN SPF 40 Lip Balm

    ISDIN SPF 40 Lip Balm It鈥檚 been a bit uphill for me to write this review, because, while I don鈥檛 find any serious cons about this product, I don鈥檛 really have much to say about it, either. And I generally like the suncare options from this Spanish brand. Anyway, the ISDIN SPF 40 lip balm is a fine product that does what it鈥檚 supposed to do, with no added frills or fun. It鈥檚 a firm balm, not particularly hidrating, and leaves a white cast; not like the horrid supermarket product I still have around, because I can鈥檛 seem to finish it, but enough to be noticeable, and bring attention to…

  • Organic Rose Otto Lip Serum by Dr. Organic & Douglas Naturals lipbalm
    Facial skincare

    Organic Rose Otto Lip Serum by Dr. Organic & Douglas Naturals lipbalm

    I looove roses, I do, but as soon as Valentine鈥檚 starts creeping round social media and shop windows, suddenly the world is all via GIPHY But! the truth is that deep down I find collective nonsense like this entertaining, so I鈥檓 playing too, and today I bring roses… well, not really: I do bring lipbalm, though, which is a necessity for me at this time of the year; lately I鈥檝e been using this Douglas Naturals lipbalm with organic pomegranate extract, and the Organic Rose Otto Lip Serum by Dr. Organic. Lipbalms and I, a tale of devotion (& a brief disgression) First off, I want to make one thing clear:…

  • Dizao Organics Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Lipbalm
    Facial skincare,  Makeup

    Lip color and care: Essence lipstick & Dizao Organics lipbalm

    As a rule, I鈥檓 all about gloriously tacky colors and piling up on the eye makeup, while being very conservative and dull with lip products. For a self-confessed lover of makeup, I actually don鈥檛 have many lip color products (four at last count, if you鈥檙e curious), and half of those are soft nudey pinks. But one fine evening in a beauty shop, I ran into this pretty plum lipstick by Essence that decided to just jump into my basket. I think the last time I wore a color this dark was when I was a 20-year-old with goth leanings (the goth leanings stayed, the twenties left a good long while…

  • Pantalla solar Sun Med y stick labial Piz Buin
    Bath and body care,  Facial skincare

    Sun protection for pre-summer: Sun Med lotion and Piz Buin sun lipstick

    And I鈥檓 back again! I like warm weather, I do, that鈥檚 one of the reasons why I live where I live, but between the summer preview we鈥檙e experiencing, and other circumstances I鈥檝e needed to conserve my energy… anyhow, I鈥檓 here again, and my back-to-blogging review is all about SPF, of course. In case you find yourself sunscreen-less in the middle of your Spanish holiday and need to locate a bottle ASAP, the sun lotion in the pic can be found in supermarket chain Mercadona, and is as good an inexpensive option as you can find. I鈥檇 never seen this brand before, which is offered in the chain鈥檚 newest suncare line,…

  • 24 de diciembre
    Bath and body care,  Facial skincare

    Winter suncare: my body and lip care during these holidays

    At this point, it鈥檚 no longer necessary to tell you that UVA rays (the bad guys, the melanoma and aging ones) are at it all year long so long as there鈥檚 daylight, right? No matter if it鈥檚 winter, if it鈥檚 overcast, cold, dreary, miserable, etc. So I wear sunscreen year-round, a habit I鈥檓 glad I got into from a very young age. Besides, I鈥檝e never been much of a sun bunny anyway. For some reason that鈥檚 still a mystery to me, this summer I broke a personal run, and accepted not one, but two invitations to go to the pool; that is, going to the pool to swim, not lounge…