• Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner & Soft Sensation Lipstick

    Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner & Soft Sensation Lipstick

    On the whole, Astor isn’t really a brand I tend to pay much attention to, so it’s quite unlikely I’d ever have tried the items in today’s reviews if it wasn’t for mother Nessie, the makeup enabler, who some months ago picked up this lipstick and liner set for me, the Astor EyeArtist Definer Automatic Eyeliner and Soft Sensation Lipstick. Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick As I was saying, if my mother hadn’t given me this, I’d probably have passed this one by: to begin with, I don’t often buy lipsticks聽 (lipbalms yes, those I use religiously), I can’t recall the last time I bought something of this brand, and it’s…

  • falsificaci贸n pintalabios NYX

    I’ve been duped! “NYX” matte lipstick, or that’s what I thought…

    I wanted to add a matte lipstick to my stash, so one day I saw this NYX matte lipstick in a shop window, I went in to nab it… no luck with the purchase, though, because a while after I鈥檇 opened it I began to suspect it was a fake. “NYX” matte lipstick, or how to throw 7鈧 in the trash Question before proceeding: notice something not-quite-right about this product? More clues… Solution to the question posed about the 1st image: For comparison, here’s the original item, bought from an authorized seller: Although I鈥檓 kind of a grammar and accent mark nazi, I didn鈥檛 notice the discrepancies until I began…

  • Dizao Organics Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Lipbalm
    Facial skincare,  Makeup

    Lip color and care: Essence lipstick & Dizao Organics lipbalm

    As a rule, I鈥檓 all about gloriously tacky colors and piling up on the eye makeup, while being very conservative and dull with lip products. For a self-confessed lover of makeup, I actually don鈥檛 have many lip color products (four at last count, if you鈥檙e curious), and half of those are soft nudey pinks. But one fine evening in a beauty shop, I ran into this pretty plum lipstick by Essence that decided to just jump into my basket. I think the last time I wore a color this dark was when I was a 20-year-old with goth leanings (the goth leanings stayed, the twenties left a good long while…

  • Benecos lipliner
    Makeup,  Musings

    Benecos lipliner and gloss, plus some Friday Musings

    A brief review I haven鈥檛 yet tried a lip product from this brand that I don鈥檛 like, and these Benecos lipliner and gloss were no exception. I kinda surprised myself with the lipliner purchase, because I haven鈥檛 even used lipliner since I was a budding beauty-addict in my teens… one of the chintziest, most repellent fashions that marked that era was dark liner paired with lighter lipstick*, and I suppose this traumatized me away from this beauty item. Anyway, the red pencil caught my eye ever since I got the lipstick in that color, and I鈥檝e actually ended up using it more often than the pink one, strange as it…

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Sofia d'Souza

    Fluff Friday: the B鈥檞ood edition

    I鈥檓 not a big Bollywood watcher, but I watched Guzaarish again, which I like to do when I’m ready for winter to end, or when it’s rainy. I love this film. I also want to visit Goa so bad. A look If I had to pinpoint a visual element in this movie I especially loved (and there is a lot to choose from… it’s such a pleasure to watch from an aesthetic standpoint) I’d say Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s styling as Sofia, the leading lady. I want two of everything she wears in this film, down to the hipster specs. Well, the clompy-stompy shoes maybe not so much. Besides, I think…