• NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner

    W7 “Delicious” palette, Black Lash mascara & NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady in possesion of a great hoard of powders and paints, must be in want of collecting more… these I’m posting today have been with me for a few months, and it was time to trot them out in this blog. W7 “Delicious” Eyeshadow Palette This must probably be review #21816984 of this palette, but I just had to know what all the noise in the MU social media was about; in my case, I chose this palette “Delicious” from Brit brand W7, the low-priced, aspirational dupe of the coveted, pricey palette Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Are they in any…

  • máscaras de pestañas baratas

    Two budget mascaras: Bell Cosmetics & KIKO Milano to the test.

      Right now I have two mascaras on rotation on my makeup stash, which is something I normally avoid; I don’t like having too many cosmetics open, especially mascara, which is particularly susceptible to contamination and gumming, so I prefer to finish a product before moving on to the next. Nevertheless, since I had these two budget mascaras, and one of them already has me kind of annoyed, I decided I might as well put them to the test side by side, in the name of lash-batting science. Secretale Xtreme Lashes Mascara by Bell Cosmetics This one cost about 5€, and given that I generally liked the few things I’ve…

  • Rimmel London Wonder'Full Volume Colourist mascara

    Review: Rimmel London Wonder’Full Volume Colourist mascara

    Mother Nessie, the beauty enabler, strikes again: about two months ago, she nabbed this Rimmel London Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara for me. I don’t know if she was aware when she chose it (I doubt it, since my mother doesn’t read fashion mags or blogs, or pays much attention to ads; probably it was because this is one of her favorite brands, and the sleek packaging very likely did its part too), but the makers claim that this mascara darkens eyelashes gradually, with the help of pigments in the formula. Is this true? According to the brand’s claims, after two weeks of using this Mouthful Volume Colourist Mascara (don’t you…

  • Benecos Natural Mascara Maximum Volume

    Benecos Natural Mascara Maximum Volume

    All in all, I’ve liked the few things I’ve tried from this brand, except for this Benecos Natural Mascara Maximum Volume. This has been one of my latest disappointments, mainly because it stings my eyes, something I have NEVER experienced with any other mascara, or with any eyeliner or shadow at all. But first things first. Benecos is a German brand whose leitmotiv is environmentally-friendly ingredients, and a “natural” concept in cosmetics at affordable prices. It isn’t very well known in my area beyond the beauty blogosphere, or at least it seems that way to me; in any case, I haven’t seen it anywhere other than in the organic supermarket…