• Victoria's Secret Fragrance Lotion
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    Spring’s In The Air: “Aire” by Loewe & Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Lotion

    I absolutely adore perfumes… this is one of those subjects I could hear speak about for hours on end. I love the world of scents, and I’m fascinated by those people who can pinpoint exactly the components of a perfume and how it was blended (I admire this so much, I am unable to do this, much as I love fragrances). I love sniffing a perfume I’ve worn before and being engulfed in nostalgia, and above all, I love having an excuse like Mother’s Day, birthdays or some such, so that I can go out to try scents and select the right one for someone. So today’s review is highly…

  • Victoria's Secret Exotic Woods Mist

    Friday Musings: It’s wild out there

    There are days when I can keep to just one subject, but that day is not Friday… so here’s a nice-smelling mini-review, and a couple other things running around inside my head. A review A friend brought me from VS London this amazing body mist, Exotic Woods from Victoria’s Secret, which I’d never tried (I believe this is a limited edition, but I’m not sure… I didn’t see it in the website) and it’s a total delight. I love everything from the bottle design to the scent: as the name implies, it is woodsy, with a touch of leaves and spice; at first, it seems sort of masculine, but it’s…